Traditionally, your responsibilities as groom have been fewer than those of your bride. Today, however, you play a vital part in assuring a well-planned and beautiful wedding. Besides helping your fiancee with the general wedding plans, there are several specific tasks that are your responsibility. Use our checklist to keep everything running smoothly for your special day! 

6 Months Before Your Wedding 
  • Purchase wedding rings 
  • With your fiancee, determine the number off guests to be invited to the wedding and begin compiling addresses of your guests. 
  • Choose your best man and groomsmen 
  • Arrange an appointment with the clergy to discuss and plan the ceremony 
  • Discuss honeymoon plans with your fiancee and begin making reservations for lodging and transportation. Remember to update your passports if you will be traveling abroad. 

4 Months Before Your Wedding 
  • With your fiancee, select and order your wedding invitations, announcements and other wedding stationery and reception needs. 
  • Complete your guest list 
  • Begin making plans for the rehearsal dinner 

2 Months Before Your Wedding 
  • Select formal wear and schedule fittings for you and your groomsmen 
  • Call your county clerk’s office for the marriage license regulations for your state. The license is usually issued the day you apply; however, restrictions such as waiting periods and blood tests may also apply. Discovering these requirements now eliminates hassles in the busy weeks before the wedding. 

6 Weeks Before Your Wedding 
  • Purchase gifts for your attendants 
  • Purchase a wedding gift for your Bride. Select a timeless gift she will treasure forever. A diamond pendant or string of pearls is always perfect. 

2 Weeks Before Your Wedding 
  • Discuss "get-away" plans with your best man 
  • Confirm rehearsal dinner arrangements 
  • Notify your attendants of rehearsal time 
  • Confirm honeymoon plans and reservations 

1 Week Before Your Wedding 
  • Meet with your photographer to go over all plans 
  • Notify parents, family and attendants of photography schedule on the wedding day. 

     Grooms Check List

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