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Most wedding ceremonies use candles of some sort…either real wax candles or paradise or artificial candles.  The artificial candle consists of a metal tube about 15 inches tall and shaped to look like a real candle.  This metal tube is designed to hold a 8 inch long mini candle.  The insert is spring loaded and as the mini candle burns down, it is pushed upward by the internal spring.  The advantage of this candle is after several hours of burn time, they are still 15 inches tall.

If you choose to use real candles, you must purchase the entire candle for a one time use.  Purchase prices vary and often times the artificial candle is actually more economical than the real ones.

If you choose to do pre ceremony photography (recommended) you will probably want to have your candles burning in the background.  Air currents form heating and cooling systems will tend to make a real wax candle burn down much faster that normal.  In the case of pre ceremony photography, we highly recommend the use of the artificial candles.  These candle may be lit and remain lit for the duration of the ceremony.  We do not recommend that you light these artificial candles, extinguish them and try to relight them.  In spite of what many people may tell you, once an artificial candle in lit and put out, they are hard to re-light again.

Most artificial mini candles will burn from 3 to 6 hours providing you have a new mini candle to start with.  Be sure and tell your florist that you will not accept used inserts (mini candles).  I remember one wedding where the candles actually went out during the ceremony.  You guessed it…the florist tried to save money by using the candles for a second wedding.  Needless to say the couple was not very happy with their florist.

If you want the candle lighting to be a part of your ceremony, you might consider purchasing an extra set of candles especially for the ceremony.  These may be exchanged at an opportune time or the artificial candles may be dis assembled and the wick trimmed back to assure all your candles will light.

If you have any questions about your candles or any other phase of your wedding, please give us a call.  We want your wedding day to go smoothly and be the romantic delight you deserve.

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