The bunnies are coming,
 the bunnies are coming!!!

Sherwood Photography
Columbus - 662-328-5067              

Spring has hopped into 
Sherwood Photography
 on the legs of live,
 cuddly baby bunnies. 
For years, we have been
 the foremost studio
 in the area to capture 
those heart stopping
 children's portraits.  

We know the challenges 
of working with children,
as well as the rewards.

There is an expression 
so bound up in the 
flavor of childhood 
that you KNOW 
when you have gotten it!
 Just add adorable,cuddly
 live bunnies and watch
 your child's reaction.

Call now! Appointments are very limited.
Yes, we have packages...too many to list.  Just tell us what you want in yours and consider it done.